Miss La Belle’s House of Burlesque Stats

My life has taken quite a turn and I have been intensely doing other things rather than burlesque. The time is right, when one thing ends another thing begins. This is how it’s been going for me for the last 18 months. With that came a time to review what I had been doing for the last four years.

Five years – is how long I have been running the House of Burlesque

400 women – is the count of individual women that have come weekly to learn burlesque from me since 2010.

Eight Miss la Belle’s House of Burlesque graduation shows, known as Frolic Lounge.

Official graduates (that performed in Frolic Lounge) now total 60 (ish – some did it twice) starting in 2011.

101 hen’s parties – at the time of writing this blog

Five times – I have performed at Venus Star’s Carousel Cabaret.

I have had the opportunity to work with quite a few awesome producers and showgirls, such as Rachel Rouge, Venus Star (as mentioned before), Miss La Vida, Flo Foxworthy, Courtney L’amour and Lily La Rouge (now Jasmine Tease).

I have supported fund raising or prizes for: The Industrial Burlesque collective, MisRed fund raising, Starlet of Nelson, Miss la Vida goes to Las Vegas, Save our Strangelove, Canterbury Earthquake fund raising, and Wellington Roller Derby.

Over the years I have offered guest workshops of 7 different performers for 10 different classes,  (Miss Tittle Tattle, Rachel Rouge, Anastasia, Allie Kat, Courtney L’amour; Miss la Vida and Mis Red).

I’ve taught  tassel twirling to around 100 women.

I ran Dr. Sketchy Wellington for 3 years and 6 months.

Twice – the times I have volunteered at the NZ Burlesque Festival; performed with a troupe at the Out in the Square event and lost a pastie on stage.

Once – traveled to Seattle in 2012 to Burlycon, where I got to meet and have classes with idols, Dirty Martini, Julie Atlas Muz, Amber Ray, Miss Indigo Blue, Sydni Deveraux aka the Golden Glamazon, Jo Boobs Weldon, Trixie Little, Coco Letric and Cherry Typhoon.

Past graduates were:
Cherie Moya; Penny Pins, Bon Bon Rocher; Phoenix Flame; Miz Tallulah Vavoom, Scarlett Delight, Fanciforia Foxglove, Crystal Mischief, Winnie Chester; Aurora Petal, Cyn Furneaux, Flic Caracou, Coco La’more, Atomic Ruby, Deity Dollicious, D’Licia Minx, Honey Suckle, Miss Delish, Optimus Fine, Miss Lorena Cle’ Vage, Salacious Sugar, Seductora, Suzie Shandie, Dazzling Divine, Karolina Karamele, Magpie Sweetie, Miss Honeybottom, Pandora Porcelain, Tottie Van Camp, Bettie Vitesse, Calypso D’light, The Velvet Whip, Jewelz Magique, Lady-Cash Mere, Lady Long Legs, Vicky Velour, Devine Roxie, Lolli Fiasco, Ula Vulk, Night Shade, Flic Caraou (again), Gigi Lumière, Persephone Primrose, Tatiana Toplace, Moxie Fizz,Trixie Coconuts, Dulcie Belvedere, Coco Stiletto, LaFemme Fantail, Leila Fox, Tippy La Velvet, Lyra Heartstrings, Sweet Lady LustreSadie von Scrumptious, Deadly Flutter, Miss Tasty Tingle, Amber de Luze, Ophelia Bon Bon, Jaz Tre-Belle and Constance Craving.

Apologies if I’ve missed anyone.

Lack of reponse to your enquiry?

Hello my darlings  – it appears that I am not receiving some of your contact form emails. Very sorry about this, my webserver did some upgrades and I may have lost your emails in the transition. But do email me here (click on the ‘here’). And that way I should get them. Apologies again.


November going’s on

We are all finished with our regular class schedule for the year, to make way of awesome things going on in the lead up to Christmas.  We do a lot of burlesque hen’s parties over summer so do look us up if you are after a fun dance lesson for your party.


Dr. Sketchy Wellington kicks off Movember at Bats bar 3pm on Saturday 9th November.  Performing for your drawing pleasure is Salacious Sugar and Anna Miranda. Facebook deets here. Tickets on the door.

Myself along with other Wellington greats are in Courtney L’amour’s  Burlesque Masquerade Ball – 16 Nov.  I am so pleased to be reunited performing an act with Rachel Rouge.   Tickets from Eventfinder.

Rachel Rouge, burlesque traveler extraordinaire is putting on a new variety show in Wellington at the New Fringe – The Menagerie.  23rd November.  Tickets from Dash.

The lovely Venus Starrr is putting on a special Diamond Carousel in Auckland featuring Imogen Kelly – 6 December.  This is not to be missed.  Tickets from Cosmic Ticketing.

Hope you all have a wonderful summer.


A burlesque Winter

Miss La Belle and Lilly la Rouge backstage at Grandiose Burlesque

Miss La Belle and Lilly la Rouge backstage at Grandiose Burlesque

I always think of winter being the season where things slow down for me.  Let’s face it, not a lot of folk wanna get nekid during winter.  But the season has me fooled again.

Last weekend I went to Nelson for the annual Queen’s Birthday, Grandiose Burlesque produced by Lilly la Rouge Burlesque.  This was the second time I’ve been to Nelson for Burlesque, and I always leave feeling so happy.  The gals there are so warm and welcoming, and Lilly la Rouge is such a hard working lass, she has created such a wonderful warm community there.  The more I talk to her the more I admire her.

The show was sold out, and had quite a (unintentional) cat theme to it.  I thought I had missed out on bringing something cat like, till I realised that one of my costumes was all leopard print.  Hopefully have more photos for you soon.

Next up in the diary is the Burlesque Winter Ball, run by Courtney L’amour.  The venue, formerly the St James Cabaret, then was the Frontroom, has now been renamed as the St James Cabaret again. Yeah it was a little confusing when they did up the theater on Courtney Place and named it the St James Theater .  Anyway, the ball is at St James on Hania Street.  There’s more than 12 great performers (including me), all hosted by pink bits’ Penny Ashton.  Looking forward to being part of a fantastic show in Wellington.  The ball is part of a wonderful event for retro lovers Vintage-Orama.  Oh yes a busy d

Burlesque winter ball

ay of selling hair pretties at Vintage-Orama and then dancing at the Burlesque Winter Ball.  There’s tons of stuff on that weekend including a rockabilly ball, so if there were ever a time to come to Wellington this is it 15 June.

Here’s all the event links..


Rockabilly Ball – from 7.30pm


Vintage-Orama – from 10am – 5pm (Stalls, market and demonstrations)  and free dance lessons

Burlesque Winter Ball – doors open 7.30pm.


Hope to see you there.


50’s Boobs through the interweb

So I’m researching for my Burlesque Review article for the vintage lifestyle magazine, Glory Days.  And it’s so hard not to slide off into tangents on the Internet.  Especially when researching boobs.  Well, bullet bra’s to be more exact.  And here are just a few of the boobmazing things I found.

There’s at least 100 results for images on Pinterest.

Blogger, The Atomic Redhead did a review on Bullet Bras, that is modern makes.  Very cool if you are thinking about getting one.

This wonderfully cute and short article about other bra types such as Cathedral Bra at Curve Couture.

Not to mention the tacky cheesy ads from the day.

Look how happy and care free I am with pointy boobs

Chemical free moisturiser – gets thumbs up from me

Those that have been following my blog for some time will know that I like to use chemical free haircare and recently I have been trying some of Queenie May’s Vintage Skincare – Vanishing cream and cold cream.  And I am in love.

Queenie May Vanishing Cream


Being on stage requires a LOT of make up, and with the use of ColorStay lipstick, can be super hard to wipe all that stuff off at night.  I’ve been using jojoba oil for years to remove make up, and found that the Queen May cold cream does a great job of removing my make up, and smells like roses (love).  AND doesn’t dry my skin out.  WIN

I wasn’t too sure about trying the vanishing cream to begin with as I have a moisturiser that I am sufficiently happy with.  But that it is made from all natural ingredients (great for sensitive skins) and that it  is made locally, by a super clever lass.  Well, who doesn’t want to support super clever lasses who live locally and don’t use chemicals, I say.

So I have been trialing the vanishing cream, and find it great.  It’s all light and fluffy in the jar, but soaks in my skin pretty fast, yet allows for that all important upward application (you know, the smooth upwards against gravity motion that’s supposed to stop your face from sagging).  Being that it’s quite rich, you don’t need a lot.  And estimate that that kind of usage my jar probably will last 4-8 months.  Although I am also finding it great for dry elbows too (shhh).  Oh and you can use on your lips safely, as it doesn’t taste yuck.

You should all run out and get some…umm make that click here and order some.