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So I thought y’all may be bored with just me blabbing on about my stuff so I took some time to chat or email or just generally harass some folk I thought y’all might be interested in reading about.  So to start off I took the opportunity to chat with Rachel Rouge and find out more about this all-round swell mysterious rouge-lipped vixen.

All glamour is held together with safety pins and double sided tape. – Rachel Rouge

Firstly it is no surprise that Rachel is a burlesque performer (and if you have missed her fabulous magic act, where have you been?).  Rachel started working at a Burlesque club in Glasgow called Club Noir almost 10 years ago.  She and Missy Malone were the only two gals that lived in Edinburgh so essentially car pooled together forming a great friendship on and off the stage.

Rachel runs Dr. Sketchy Wellington (cabaret-burlesque-life-drawing event) every second Saturday of the month from 4pm-7pm at Mighty Mighty.

Rachel also had a dramatic ending to her Burlesque years in the UK, with performing a huge weekend of opening for the Dresden Dolls at the Spiegeltent and then to Italy to perfom at 2006 Rockabilly Festival in front of 6000 people.  Then cutting off her hair and jumping on a plane headed for Greece.  Wow what an exit.  She then spent two years travelling Egypt, Africa, Ethiopia, back to UK, Turkey, Iran and then to Wellywood.  Makes me tired just writing it.  But Rachel has that sort of passion and drive that has her up to all sorts of things.

To Rachel’s horror she found that Wellington didn’t have a Dr Sketchy and thus brought it on over.  Which is also a start of how she met a lot  (she seems to know everybody) of great talent in performing/burlesque arts. 

Eva Strangelove helped her out with connecting with local talent and shows such as Ready for Take off and El Jaguar.  Rachel says she has huge admiration for Eva, as Eva has had to do it all by herself (no dance troupes or burlesque clubs here then). 

On tips: Rachel rates videoing your routines as she found it really helps to not only hone in your techniques but also is a personal record for you to jog your memory at a later stage.  Which also prompted me to ask how she writes down her choreography as she is coming up with it.  She said it’s something like this… ‘trumpets begin – shimmy bump bump’.

So what makes a good performance brilliant?  According to Rachel, a performer should have the conviction that they are there for the pleasure and entertainment of the audience. Your part is to earn the applause. 

Which also is ties into her tips on mistakes on stage. "The audience doesn’t know what you are going to do, therefore they don’t know if you have stuffed-up. But you can lose them with one small look" (she demonstrated the look to me, it was a small raise of an eyebrow and a look of fear ).  "There will always be a wardrobe malfunction".  Oh dont we know it.

Now I regard Rachel as a woman about town – she seems to know everything that’s going on.  Quizzing her on Wellington’s secrets she quickly shared 

  • Hawthorne Lounge.  (I too love Hawthorne they play loads of Billie Holiday and  other great vintage Jazz and do an amazing Twistless twist.  Not to mention the marshmallows – but now I’m getting off track oops).
  • Glow Worms in the Botanical Gardens  – yes it’s true you can even get tours!   
  • Jim Stanton – she’s a comedienne you know (check out her entry in the Something I prepared earlier competition as part of Wellington on a Plate).  Jim performs frequently at Fringe Bar. 
  • Being of comedic ilk Rachel also highly recommends ‘Raw meat Mondays’ at the Fringe Bar.

 Looky Links——>

To find out more about Wellington Dr Sketchy – here’s the facebook link and here’s the Webpage link. Check out Jim from the Miss la Belle Cake and Bake competition.  She won the Best Decorated cake. 
Missy Malones website it’s ultra cool – check it out.

There will be more interviews coming….

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