Chemical free moisturiser – gets thumbs up from me

Those that have been following my blog for some time will know that I like to use chemical free haircare and recently I have been trying some of Queenie May’s Vintage Skincare – Vanishing cream and cold cream.  And I am in love.

Queenie May Vanishing Cream


Being on stage requires a LOT of make up, and with the use of ColorStay lipstick, can be super hard to wipe all that stuff off at night.  I’ve been using jojoba oil for years to remove make up, and found that the Queen May cold cream does a great job of removing my make up, and smells like roses (love).  AND doesn’t dry my skin out.  WIN

I wasn’t too sure about trying the vanishing cream to begin with as I have a moisturiser that I am sufficiently happy with.  But that it is made from all natural ingredients (great for sensitive skins) and that it  is made locally, by a super clever lass.  Well, who doesn’t want to support super clever lasses who live locally and don’t use chemicals, I say.

So I have been trialing the vanishing cream, and find it great.  It’s all light and fluffy in the jar, but soaks in my skin pretty fast, yet allows for that all important upward application (you know, the smooth upwards against gravity motion that’s supposed to stop your face from sagging).  Being that it’s quite rich, you don’t need a lot.  And estimate that that kind of usage my jar probably will last 4-8 months.  Although I am also finding it great for dry elbows too (shhh).  Oh and you can use on your lips safely, as it doesn’t taste yuck.

You should all run out and get some…umm make that click here and order some.


Burlycon Report Back – Day 2

Following on from previous post.

Day 2 in Seattle, Miss Sugarpuss and I had chatted about which classes we wanted to attend, and set off for the very reasonable hour of 10am.  I had wondered if registration meant that you had to sign up for each of the classes you wished to take, but no.  Instead registration was ll about receiving your bag of sponsor goodies, pass, and drink tickets.  Woah, this was going to be a ride.  On the way to Registration I see a very well dressed lass, and it turns out to be Miss Rosie Bitts.  Flo Foxworthy had passed her ‘hi’ along, and I was greeted very warmly.  Rosie introduced Sugarpuss and I to a boylesque babe, Badman Throbbins.  It was the start of new friendships and a warm community.

First class up was Getting Sponsors by Miss Rosie Bitts herself.  Lots of great info was gleamed, notes were taken, plans were hatched.  Rosie indeed is a fine business woman.  Next I took a movement class with Coco Lectric and the Big Bad Boa.  Coco, other than being stunningly beautiful, is also bewitching with her beautiful smile (that continued non-stop for the whole lesson).  There were so many large and wonderful boas at the session.  Indeed Coco shared her tips and tricks, and I left determined to practise what she taught.  Next we had a break, and catering was provided by Sinner Saint Burlesque, and my my what fabulous attire they had on.

Sinner Saint Burlesque gals so divine in pink.

Sinner Saint Burlesque gals so divine in pink.


Building Community was next, a group session run by Miss Indigo Blue, the inspiration, indeed one of the major reasons I went to Burlycon.  Through her art alone, she made me reexamine burlesque as performance art.  In this session she inspired me to examine what community is about.  She gave us each a Narwhal (of truth and responsibility) and urged us all to engage our brains.  What I took from the session was that community cannot be built alone, and that we owe it to ourselves and others, and to the betterment of our selves and our craft, to take ownership of our actions.  Own up to our individual responsibility and ask what part we played in the drama?  Did we gossip? Were we mean? What action did we/I take that added to the outcome?  I felt this was a super good tool to have in my learning kit, and wholeheartedly encourage others to think about these things too.

Next up I got to meet Sydni Deveraux, a gal whose blog I follow, and whose advice I welcome.  Sydni is almost a foot taller than me, and I was awestruck at being in her presence.  She share such amazing info on Creating Your Brand (being an expert at it), and left the session feeling affirmed.

The Vintage Meet and Greet was on that evening.  I made a terrific swan headpiece with things sponsored and supplied by Made on Marion craft.  And there I got to have my photo taken with Miss Indigo Blue herself.  I then popped along to some Caucuses  (a place to meet other burlyquers who had something in common with you).  I got a kick out of meeting Flirty Sanchez, and got to bed utterly exhausted.






Burlycon Report Back – Day 1

Hello readers.  Apologies for keeping you waiting on my report back.  I plan to give you bits and pieces in the next few posts.

Thrusting to the sky in an airplane always fills me with emotion.  It’s as if the struggle of the aircraft with gravity represents the life’s own journey of struggles to overcome, and then one is lifted full-speed into the air as if light as a feather.  Here I found myself making a journey of a lifetime in two ways.

  1. Going to Burlycon to see my idols, to learn from them, to be taught, to join as part of the wider burlesque community and hopefully to be welcomed as part of it.
  2. To see my elderly grandparent for the last time.

I’m fully committed to the whole experience, knowing it will be hard and wonderful and ‘full-on’.

The whole adventure starts with an arrival of Seattle’s Seatac airport, and finding my way to the hotel shuttle, even if the hotel is just across the street.  You never know looking at Google Maps.  Could be a huge block.  It wasn’t, and in less than three minutes I was at the DoubleTree, which was quite old skool, gentleman’s club look with marble benchtops, plush velvet couches and surrounded in pretty trees in autumn glory.  I was to await my room-mate, a lass found on Facebook.  I had Google stalked her earlier and knew a little bit about her.  Still sometimes, well, most times burlesque dancers look way different in their ‘day’ clothes.  She had facebooked saying she was delayed, as much air traffic was with superstorm Sandy that hit New York.  20 minutes after arriving and needing to get those 18hrs of flying clothes off.  I get a call letting me know Miss Sugarpuss was here.  I hurry down to the lobby and see I face I think is familiar and ask myself is it just all the travelling playing tricks on my mind and everyone is looking familiar?  No, indeed it’s Sugarpuss.   Penny Ashton vouched that indeed Sugarpuss is awesome and that I should ‘give her a pash’.  Not being one to kiss strangers I settle for a hug instead.  And it was what starts off a fine friendship indeed.  And in two hours, over dinner we become best friends.  And go to bed early in anticipation for registration the next day.

More in the next post.

A show befitting to my standard

This week in Wellington is the Premier of The Hobbit.  There’s much hub-bub going on around town. Statues are being erected.  There are orcs scaring folk at a special market.  And I’m in a show with a bunch of misfit burlesque and entertaining folks called Bare and Back Again – a burlesque journey to Middle-Earth.

Part of what I love about burlesque, is that you can recreate your dreams and desires on stage.  I must admit when it was annouced in 1999 that LOTR will be filmed here.  I was not brimming with excitement to meet Sean Bean, Elijah Wood or Orlando Bloom.  Oh no it was John Rhys-Davies that I was excited about causally bumping into, perhaps at the book shop.

I had seen John in a sci-fi series called Sliders, and remembered him from Indiana Jones.  I admired his acting work greatly and finally did get to meet him whilst working for the Good Morning show.  And it turned out that my admiration for an actor was well founded, as he was a wonderful kind man who gave me compliments and encouragement just when I needed it.

So now, I get to play  a character from the same caste as Gimli.  A terrific, strong, husky dwarf.  Do come and see me in my element this Friday and Saturday, along with other worldy talented folk.  Fringe Bar, 191 Cuba Street.  8pm $25.  Tickets available online here:

Poster by Hope Hoover



Burlycon, a teaser

My huge weekend is over, and I have a ton of things in my head all buzzing about and I cant wait to share them.

I’m still processing the amazing 4 days of burlesque awesomeness.  But for now a few highlights of my experience at Burlycon.

  • Learning the right form to be able to shoulder shimmy tassel twirl from master twirler, Jo Weldon
  • Sharing my room with awesomelovelyperson Miss Sugarpuss, who in turn introduced me to
  • Cherry Typhoon, a gorgeous and funny Japanese burlesque performer; and also
  • Amber Ray and her amazing costumes of awesomeness.  I saw them up close!
  • Dirty Martini lending me her lavender ostrich fans for the Guinness Book of Records, Largest Fan Dance (252 performers doing it).  I
  • Finding my man swagger with Ernie von Schmaltz
  • The gorgeous, intelligent and sweet Rosie Bitts
  • Booty bounce class with Peekaboo Pointe, it was hilarious, liberating and a very hard workout
  • The sense of community, the friendship and camaraderie was beautiful.  It moved and fed my soul.

Thank you to all those I met and shared with me.  More soon.



Showgirl Packing

The swan headress for the vintage meet and greet. Swan supplied by the cool cats at Made on Marion.

Theres only one more sleeps till I fly off to the coolest conference ever (Burlycon).  On my previous trips to America, I wasn’t yet into burlesque so travelling was pretty easy.  I would take a reletively empty suitcase with me and return with twice as much.  That’s due to all the great op shopping and vintage that’s available.  I’m going to spend a week or so in Salem, Oregon, of which my favourite vintage shop, Lil Gypsy Vintage Boutique is located.  Last time a 1940′s dusty rose lace and a black 50′s frock made it back with me.

Getting off topic though, I am going to share with you how to pack so that things are less likely to need ironing.  Years ago a friend sent me to look at – and on there was the technique of bundling.  That is you start with your most crinkling clothes (or the ones you want least crinkled) and place them one on top of the other, in different directions (sort of like a plus sign) so they overlap in the centre.  you then keep stacking your other clothes on top of each other, and finish the stack with your bathroom bag or other square, oblong thing (book?), you then wrap those things over the centre object one at a time, till you have a big bundle.  Note, you need to make sure the shape fits into your suitcase.  You can see more about bundling here.  It’s freakin’ brilliant.  This may work with putting my fragile headpieces and hair flowers in the centre so they dont get squashed.

Right that’s done.  I’m packed.  I somehow feel like I’m not taking enough, but when I think it’s four days then I feel like I have plenty.  I’m off to visit relatives after, so they will have to put up with a glamourous visitor.   I’m feeling pretty happy about my precious headpiece in the center not getting squashed in my bundle.  Now I just have to get up at the crack of dawn.

I’ll try and keep ya’ll updated if I can get to the web over the weekend.

You cant tell from the photo – but that’s one big ball of clothes with my precious make up and hairpretties in the center.


And here’s a photo teaser – most of these things were made into a wonderful sea themed hairpretty for the Under The Deep Blue Sea dance party.  Thanks to Sadie von Scrumptious and Winnie Chester for lends of appropriate sea frocks to wear.  I hope to get a pic of me and Dirty Martini at the party to share with ya’ll.

paua, pearls, faux sea weed, all make for great headpiece fixings

Raising Funds for Burlycon

Right, if you were reading last week my boohoo is over (thanks for the wonderful comments Jon, Carys, Gemma and Honey), I’m now thinking about the awesome-ness about to happen at the end of the month.  Burycon 2012.

So what is Burlycon?  In my mind it is the most awesome ‘conference’ ever!  But here’s the official word from

 Burlycon is a community-oriented professional growth and educational convention for Burlesque performers, fans, and aficionados.  For its fifth year, BurlyCon will be held in Seattle the weekend of November 1 to 4.  BurlyCon will offer classes, workshops, panels, a vendor fair, and social events.  BurlyCon is committed to providing an affordable opportunity for performers of all levels to learn, grow, and develop their skills.

Ok – yep, but even more better than that – it’s built with COMMUNITY being the focus.  Community is really important to me and my burlesque experience (along with respect, manners and kindness) and the nuturing of new performers.  So, airfares paid, accomodation booked, now all there’s to worry about are: funds (the awful side-effect from self employment) and what classes to choose!

Firstly, this is my blog and my business, so let me plug.  I do private lessons $40 per hour plus studio hire (normally $20 p/h).  Please email me  if you want help with an act, a class on fan dancing, vintage hair do’s or vintage style stage make up.  Also I do burlesque in Wellington parties (hens parties and burlesque birthday parties).  I can help you with fear of audience and facial expression.

I also make and sell hair flowers and headpieces (fascinators).  They range from $10 – $35 and include bows, roses, skulls, butterflies and even noodle boxes.  Pics below.  Send me an email if you wish to purchase a rockabilly, steampunk or floral piece.  All the fascinators are limited to one or two.  Flowers and cherries there are a few of.  Prices below, postage is extra.  Keep reading – lots about Burycon below.

Burlycon – Dirty MartiniJo Boobs Weldon, Shanghai Pearl, Coco Letric,  Julie Atlas Muz, Jezebel Express, Mat Frazer, Ernie von Schmaltz; Lottie the Body; Sydni Deveraux;  with 111 classes to take the hard part is choosing.  So much awesomeness in one place.

I’m especially excited to meet the Producer and inspirational Indigo Blue.  From my start both Jo Boobs and Miss Indigo Blue were my idols, and wow.  If my future leads elsewhere, I would have met my burlesque, feminist, inspiring, community orientated, wonderful performer icons, and farewell as a happy sequinned gal.

I’m also bunking with a Canadian burlesque performer Holly Gautheir-Frankel.  The internet is fantastic, I met her on Facebook and now googling her I find her not only her website, but also a wikipedia article (she’s a voice actress and a singer, along with burlesque (Miss Sugar Puss)).  Perhaps I’ll see if she’ll sing me asleep at night.

Now – if you have to be in NZ instead of Burlycon, I highly recommend going to the Burlesque Masquerade Ball.

What course would you do at Burlycon?

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