Bittersweet Burlesque Anniversary

I have two wonderful Studio Kitties’ (aka Frolic Angels), Honey Suckle and D’licia Minx, who are both celebrating their burlesque-anniversary.  Being that it was a year ago that they graduated the Radiance course and earned their Miss La Belle pasties.  And that had me thinking about a year ago, and realised that in October, not only will I be off on exciting journey to Burlycon, it will be my anniversary of being self employed for a whole year.  Those words have me reeling.  A WHOLE YEAR.  And whilst at first it seems it may be good to be your own boss, I can honestly say it’s been hard.


Metropolis Act

A short while ago, you’ll remember I posted about my Deco costume of awesomeness for Carousel Cabaret.  Well, now I have a flash video too.

For your viewing pleasure….

Big thanks to Adrian Lamb, D’licia Minx, Feathergirl and Made Marion Craft.


Frolic Lounge poster by the talented Sadie Von Scrumptious

Howdy. Gosh, I’m so cold. This spring weather tricked me into thinking summer was almost here, so I totally rocked out a nice frock, and 30 mins later I was putting on trousers. It can seem like the ultimate weather to keep you indoors, but over this Winter period we’ve been totally rocking and keeping warm in our skimpies (aka undies) in class.

Coming up it’s the last burlesque dance block of the year.  Click here to sign up for the last block of the year (starts the week of 24th September). Then we’re on break until next year. Get in quick or you may have to wait five months till the next class. If you want to do Level Two Pleaser or Three Radiance, please email me your interest.

If you’ve been to our classes you might know about our Level Three Radiance classes – where our students strut their stuff on stage at Frolic Lounge – Student Showcase. It’s a thrilling and scary ride into confidence for the student, and a heart swelling, clapping-so-hard-you-fall-off-your-seat experience for the audience. And it’s on this FRIDAY and SATURDAY. Tickets are limited to 40 people per night in this one off show and are $21.00. Here’s the link to go buy your ticket and support the lovely lasses making their statement to the world with their sassy burlesque alter-egos.

I’ve been hard at work making pink hair flowers and pink rosettes on pink gloves.  So much pink.  And it’s all for our joint opening act.  Oh it is hot indeed.  You’ll need to come to see it.


Burlesque Performance and Stage Craft advice

Well, this advice isn’t just limited to burlesque.

Just some tid-bits gained on my way through my journey.  Thanks to all that helped, suggested and taught me these.

  • Cut off your labels.  They show up, they are usually white.  They make your costume look cheap.
  • Get the sheer to waist pantyhose.  Audiences can see gussets or the funny knickers part of pantyhose.  Ambra brand makes these (Green packet).  Look on the back of the packet to see if they are truly sheer to waist, gusset-less one.  If you have awesome legs, then you don’t need them.  Fishnets are good too.
  • During your performance, find the light.  You may have plotted and choreographed your whole routine, but if you arent in the light, the audience cant see you.  Make the most of tech rehearsals to find out where the best light is and try to stay there.  Yes the lights will blind you, that’s how you know you are in the right spot.
  • Your hair and jewellery are part of your costume look.
  • If you are doing an act to two songs that are run one after the other.  Try to have them as ONE track for the techie. There is lots of inexpensive software that can do this.  Also mention it to the techie if there is a quiet pause in the middle of your song, that way they wont turn the music off just as you are launching into the finale of your act. 
  • Be respectful and polite to other folk also working at the gig.  They are all stressed in their own way.  See last post on Manners for more detail.
  • Mention your act clean up to the show Producer, particularly if it’s messy.
  • Lights, if you are able to choose your colour lights.  Stagelightingprimer. com says “Never assume how a fabric or paint color will interact with a lighting color. The colors in paint and fabric may be made up of various individual pigments and dyes, and these all will react differently to colored light. ”  Lighter fabrics will ‘pop’ better with light, as opposed to black which can look a bit flat.  Think about the mood of your piece, and go from there.  Slightly blue light gives a ‘daylight’ effect, slightly yellow/red more of a sunshine feel.

Thanks to Amy Jansen-Leen

Looky Links – ->; A great indepth article on stagelighting from Dance Teacher magazine.

Manners – shouldn’t be reserved for being in the presence of the Queen only.

Once you have made your entrance into burlesque and are getting gigs, and venturing out a bit more.

“No there’s no need to curtsy” Photo by AJ Photography

As a newbie you may not yet know about some of the unspoken etiquette tips around shows, burlesque or even just in general.  And we all do make a few mistakes, that’s how we learn.  Here’s a couple of top points on burlesque etiquette/manners. (more…)

Unveiling of Headdress and Fans

So last post I teased you with a glimpse of my Metropolis inspired costume and act.
And if you didnt make it to Carousel or aren’t yet Facebook likers of Carousel Cabaret on Facebook, you may have not seen these amazing photos (by AJ Photography).  If you live in Wellington, and haven’t been to Carousel, (ZOMG are you crazy?) you need to get yourself there!

You may be able to tell from the photo’s that the huge headress somehow dimished a bit and then there were fans.  Yes, I was tricky clever.  The act didnt involve much removal of clothing (as you can tell, not much to that puppy), but instead, this awesome headress come feather fans reveal.  I do love seeing clever reveals in burlesque, they make things new and fresh and blow the audiences’ minds a little.

I will soon be posting a how to blog for the fans, and maybe the headpiece if you are really lucky.  Plus thinking of holding a crafting workshop on how to make fans, would you be keen on that?

In the meantime enjoy…

Huge thanks to…

Feathergirl for the feathers

Made on Marion for the felt, clips, stabiliser, mesh rhinestoning, and advice.

Venus Star and her awesome crew at Carousel Cabaret

AJ Photography for images.


Hardly working? Hard at work! Burlesque costuming

Hello lovelies

It’s been a fair few busy weeks indeed. Last week was Frolic Lounge, in which my Level Three Radiance students perform! I love Frolic Lounge so much, as so much love, nerves, bravery and creativity go into it.  I get so joyous at seeing so many lovely women claim their beauty and femininty through burlesque.

Among that I am preparing a new act and making the costume for it, and making fans. I am planning to put up a few how to instructions up, cause making this stuff takes a while but is so rewarding, and can be hard choosing where to start.

I’m building an Art Deco theme costume inspired by Metropolis (the movie), which was first inspired by the amazing Pea Hen tails I found on  and this neato rhinestone roll stuff from Made on Marion ( and Rhinestones from

Here’s a sneak peak of the costume, it’s being made special for Carousel Cabaret coming up on Friday 29th June.  Find Carousel on Facebook  There is also a headress, but you’ll have to come to see that.

Sorry for all the links, page is being a brat and wont hyperlink today.

Here’s the dance scene from Metropolis – made in 1927.  How awesome is this!

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