Setting Lotion Trial – Homemade Lemon recipe

This week I’m trialling the ole vintage lemon and water trick for a setting lotion. And before trying this I tell you I am a bit dubious. I’m a brunette and lemon is a natural bleach, I remember seeing a program on how the Egyptians used it to lighten their skin or hair, and also it can be used to bleach your net curtains. So I think once this lotion is on, I might avoid the sun more than usual. That wont be hard with this Wellington Autumn. (more…)

Quick Update & Great Reads

Hi there readers. I’ve been run off my feet with making hair pretties and sorting out some amazing workshops AND an additional class.

Psychobilly Skullyby's by Miss la Belle

Stay tuned (or sign up to my enewsletter) to hear more.

In the meantime take a read of Ever So Scrumptious blog on Vintage Precious Jewellery. You will learn I ton. I did.

And also Rosina Lee’s blog post on glove maintenance.

Have a wonderful week.


Rockin’ the Hutt & Hair Pretties

Hello readers.

This weekend I took off from my hair setting trial to actually curl my hair for a nice vintage up-do, to look pretty for hosting a stall at the Rockin’ the Hutt market day on Sunday.  When I’m not teaching shimmies and tassel twirling and other general feminine arts, I enjoy the occasional spot of crafting and making things.  That ‘s a feminine art too isn’t it. (more…)

Setting Lotion Trial – mister fantastic

Hello readers. 

This week I’m writing about how Davine’s Evo Mister Fantastic, not to be confused with Marvel Comics Fantastic Four leader, Mister Fanstastic.  But this lotion could be a serious contender for some super-heroics, or shall I say super-hairoics. 

Mister Fantastic Texture Spray was recommended by Fanciforia Foxglove, a vintage loving burlesque queen from the Wellington scene.  She discovered it through Vintage Themed Hairdressers, The Powder Room, which so happen to my hairdressers too. You can check out Fanciforia’s Facebook page here.


Setting Lotion Trial – Pin-Up

This week I am reporting on Pin-Up Original Setting Lotion (professional formula with Pro-Vitamin B5).  When I stumbled across this in my NZ Google search for setting lotions I was delighted, as it appeared at first glance to be a product that..well, was labelled for exactly what I’m trying to achieve in hairstyle.  This may be a real gem.

I found Pin-Up Orginal online at Professional Hair Solutions.  And the page told me

Established in 1945 Pin-up has been perming the nation for over 50 years.
Our NEW Setting Lotion can be used to set your hair in rollers and in other styles.

 So you now may understand why it first excited me, I even went to check out the mother website  I made my purchase and awaited the package. 


Setting Lotion Trial – Herbal Essence, Tousle Me Softly

Hello readers.

Last week you saw I tried Lottabody.  And there was an enquiry by Collette about how long did the curl actually stay?   With my curl retarded hair, curls just left to be free don’t tend to last very long in my hair.  This trial is actually helping me find out how long they actually stay as I am actively taking interest.  So far it seems like 3 hours max, I will report on that in the future posts. 

My other recent findings is that different setting lotions act different on other hair types.  I tried Lottabody on a friend’s very curly short hair to style some 1920′s style finger waves.  I used Lottabody as a gel spray and clipped the curls into place after combing them in the direction I wanted.  She said the waves lasted all night, a sleep, and then through the next day.  That’s fairly impressive.  She tried Herbal Essence too, but didn’t get the same result, curls turned fluffy.   And that’s what I am reporting on today.

Herbal Essence, Tousle Me Softly was recommended by a vintage hair stylists, Debonaire Doos when they took a Vintage Hair Styling Workshop last year.  You can usually find it at your local supermarket, Farmers or even The Warehouse.

This day, it was sunny and warm (low humidity).  Curlers heated for 15 mins.  Left the rollers in for an hour.  And I was left with very curly hair (it was a little bit crunchy too).  Dan even commented on the result.  As you can see that is some pretty bouncy curls.

Fast forwarding in time, my hair remained curly until bedtime and was wavy the next day.  So far this is the best one.

 And here is the progress so far…The Mission, Test parameters, No lotion result & List of products, Lottabody

Check back next week for another setting lotion trial results. 

Setting Lotion Trial – Lottabody


The weather has been all over the place in Wellington lately.  I’m not sure if that makes the trial easier or not, given that hair is different in humidity and wind.  This week I’m reporting on Lottabody Texturising Lotion. (more…)

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