About Miss La Belle

Teasing out your inner bombshell….

Photo by AJ Photography

Photo by AJ Photography

Who is Miss Busty La Belle…who am I? Born in New Zealand, I have been involved in dance since I was 5 years old. While living in the USA in 1999, in Salem, Oregon, I got involved in the local swing dancing scene – and found out that I loved it!

The great jazz music, the smooth moves and the handing down of the ways of yesteryear made me hungry for more. For the past decade I have been an avid swing dancer, I have enjoyed the sense of femininty that comes from that age and I value the friendships made on the dance floor.

How did I get started in burlesque dance? In the 2008 World of Wearable Arts show  in Wellington, NZ curvaceous women Characters were needed for a retro pin-up themed set.   Myself and 3 other women danced in front of 30,000 people dressed in some ‘challenging’ costumes (ie. not much to them).  After the event, I had some very moving feedback from friend’s teenaged daughter. She said, “It was so nice to see normal sized women up there!” My universe was blown apart.  I got to return to the WOW stage again in 2010 as a featured character.

Feeling more confident, I studied burlesque and in 2009 began performing and teaching classes. In 2010, I gathered up my courage and entered my first competition.  Performing on stage is quite different to teaching a class of women.  What starts off as a preconceived notion about what Burlesque is definitely changes after 6 weeks of doing/teaching it.

Retro dress and dancing is more than my hobby – it’s a connection to the woman within and a great way to celebrate life. Burlesque is special to me because I have seen how it inspires women to become more confident, to appreciate who they are and be comfortable in their skin. I am inspired by all positive women, and by those who I meet everyday in their own journey towards self fulfillment.

I send out my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped me, taught me, supported me, and inspired me. I want to reach out and help, teach, and support in return.